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Introducing RightCrowd Presence Control

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Lift your company's security to the next level

Organizations around the world use static badges to identify employees, contractors and visitors, and to manage access to their facilities. Unfortunately using just badges comes with significant and real security threats. Everyone is familiar with tailgating, badges being passed on, anonymous badges used for contractors and visitors, or even falsified badges.

We developed an additional layer of security that takes those threats away. Aimed at security sensitive areas within your organization; our state-of-the-art visual security wearables allow you to instantly 'see' if people are authorized to be in the area they are in.

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Badgeholder + App

The RightCrowd Badgeholder provides an additional layer of security on top of your existing access badges. The system has been designed as an open system that can easily be integrated with existing Physical Access Control Systems (PACS). Our technology allows validating authorization in an easy and intuitive way. It makes tailgating a thing of the past.



For close protection and even security RightCrowd developed a digital version of the color-of-the-day lapel pin. RightCrowd Pins provide an innovative solution that addresses the major shortcomings of the traditional lapel pins. When activated a RightCrowd Pin emits a random color in sync with all other Pins authorized for that zone. The color will change on all pins at the exact same time at set intervals.


badgeholder for secure areas

badgeholder for visitor management



Frictionless Access Control

Now easily unlock your doors and activate your badgeholder by simply double-tapping your wearable, delivering a much more convenient experience to your workforce.
*The solution leverages HID Mobile Access.

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Secure a zone without walls or locks


✓ Control authorized presence for teams within an open office, for access to a leased facility where you don’t control the PACS or for temporary space

✓ Unauthorized users are instantly visible 

✓ Choose between two models: automatic (based on proximity) or user-initiated (by double-tapping your wearable)

Allows combining hard outer perimeter with soft inner security zones


How it works

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Learn how presence control works

When walking into a security sensitive area, a wearable of an authorized user automatically is being picked up and activated if the user is authorized. Once activated, the wearable starts showing a Tictogram – an unpredictable and changing visual sequence of colors, synchronous with other legitimate wearables.



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Office environments become open space areas where employees can freely move around to collaborate and exchange ideas. Yet you want to be able to restrict presence in some areas to a subset of your people, or make presence rights conditional based on time of the day, being accompanied by a specific person, etc. RightCrowd wearables allow shifting from traditional access control - based on opening doors - to flexible presence control.

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Your organization welcomes visitors on a daily basis. Grab that first chance to make a strong first impression. Handing them a RightCrowd wearable instead of a simple paper or plastic badge will make a clear statement that your organization takes security seriously. Your hosts can activate the wearables of their visitors and optionally can enable a feature that continuously tracks whether the visitors remain close to their hosts.

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As a security services company you protect executives and VIPs, and take care of securing large-scale events. Your non uniformed agents use traditional color of the day lapel pins to instantly recognize their trusted peers. Discover the many benefits of the RightCrowd Pin, the digital version of what you are using today. Impossible to falsify, identity authorized colleagues also when it dark and from a farther distance, remotely see which agents have an active pin, etc.


Order your demokit now

Interested to see our technology at work? Order your demokit today and learn how the Ticto wearables make authorization visible. 

What's in the box?

Badgeholder demokit:

  • 2 RightCrowd Badgeholders

  • 2 MIFARE DESFire cards

  • 1 USB charging cable

  • Credentials to log in onto the RightCrowd Dashboard and access your dedicated demo environment

Price per demokit: USD 490 (excl. shipping and taxes) or EUR 490 (excl. shipping and taxes)

Ticto Pin demokit:

  • 3 Ticto Pins with front shields

  • 1 USB charging cable

  • Credentials to log in onto the Ticto Dashboard and access your dedicated demo environment

Price per demokit: USD 490 (excl. shipping and taxes) or EUR 490 (excl. shipping and taxes)



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Security Made Visible

With RightCrowd you make a clear statement that your organization takes security seriously. Customers, employees, executive management, business partners, contractors and visitors all literally ‘see’ that being present in security sensitive areas of your organization or at your event is only possible for authorized people. There is no better way to create instant security awareness.

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Build trust. Be safe.

Provide your employees, visitors and contractors with an environment that they can verify is safe and secure. At a glance they can see that everybody around them can be trusted. RightCrowd uses simple visual indicators that are self evident, allowing any group of individuals to regulate itself. The color on the RightCrowd wearable changes in an unpredictable manner thanks to the use of a cryptographic algorithm.Build trust. Make security visible.

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Demonstrate compliance

Activating the RightCrowd wearable can be made dependent on a broad range of criteria. These include presence rights but also compliance with applicable rules such as safety, security, qualifications, credentials, background checks, working hours, contractual obligations and more. Ticto visually demonstrates attribute-based compliance at all times with a clear audit trial.

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Presence Control

Access control solutions help to protect your perimeter. But because of tailgating, badges being passed on or even being falsified, you cannot be sure that people are correctly authorized. You also do not know who really is present. With RightCrowd you focus on controlling authorized presence rather than just control who can open which door.


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