Better protect your organization’s sensitive and high risk places by making authorization visible.

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Security made visible

With Ticto you make a clear statement that your organization takes security seriously.  Customers, employees, executive management, business partners, contractors and visitors all literally ‘see’ that being present in security sensitive areas of your organization or at your event is only possible for authorized people. There is no better way to create instant security awareness. 

Security engagement

Engage all the people in your organization to protect its assets. By making authorization visible, employees in high-risk areas of your organization become empowered to take part in protecting it. With Ticto they will instantly see if someone unauthorized is present around them.  They can then follow a pre-defined procedure to make that person aware or alert the security team. 

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Demonstrate compliance

Activating the Ticto wearable can be made dependent on a broad range of criteria. These include presence rights but also compliance with applicable rules such as safety, security, qualifications, credentials, background checks, working hours, contractual obligations and more. Ticto visually demonstrates attribute-based compliance at all times with a clear audit trial.

Build trust. Be safe.

Provide your employees, visitors and contractors with an environment that they can verify is safe and secure. At a glance they can see that everybody around them can be trusted. Build trust. Make security visible.


Presence control

Access control solutions help to protect your perimeter. But because of tailgating, badges being passed on or even being falsified, you cannot be sure that people are correctly authorized. You also do not know who really is present. With Ticto you focus on controlling authorized presence rather than just control who can open which door.

Flexible form factor

Every organization is different. Culture and dress codes can vary depending on department or geography. Your executives may come to work wearing a suit. Your R&D staff may have a casual dress code. While all Ticto wearables function in the exact same way, different form factors exist and more will be developed over time.

Extends beyond people

Ticto technology can be incorporated in vehicles and critical equipment.  It offers the same advantage of Ticto wearables : visually showing proper authorization of the equipment based on criteria you define.