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The digital security pin for event security & close protection



For decades security professionals have been using color-of-the-day lapel pins to identify themselves. These small metal pins allow authorized security agents to be recognized by their principals or by other agents in the field. But these pins have some major shortcomings: they are hard to distinguish from a distance, they can easily be copied and they cannot be turned on or off. And while lapel pins do show you belong to a certain group or organization, they cannot indicate access to different physical zones.

Move your lapel pins into the digital age.

Ticto developed a digital version of the color-of-the-day lapel pin providing an innovative solution that addresses these shortcomings. When activated a Ticto Pin emits a random color in sync with all other Ticto pins authorized for that zone. The color will change on all pins at the exact same time at set intervals – for example every 5 minutes. Ticto Pins adapt to ambient light so they are visible from a distance without being a distraction. They are highly secure based on a cryptographic key and therefore impossible to copy. And they can quickly be activated and deactivated using a simple app on a smartphone. You can even use different color sequences between different physical areas. 


Product comparison


'Good old' lapel pin

  • Can't see it from a distance, can't see it in the dark
  • Easy to replicate
  • Cannot be switched 'on' or 'off'
  • A different pin for each zone you want separate authorization for

  • Not possible to identify who wore which pin when or where
  • Can be lost, stolen and used by unauthorized personnel
  • Once handed out, not easy to get them back (souvenirs), hence a new pin design and production for every occasion
  • Basic tool

  • Cannot easily mix and match pins with those of outside security personnel at events

'State of the art' Ticto Pin

  • Visible from a distance, even in dark environments
  • Impossible to copy or falsify
  • Can be activated and deactivated on the fly
  • One pin can cover multiple zones, each with its own visual sequence
  • Detailed logs of who was wearing an activa pin when and where
  • Can be tethered to a mobile phone as additional safeguard
  • Digital pin can be used in unlimited ways, will always remain secure and unique
  • Innovative technology demonstrating to your clients (and theirs!) that you take security seriously
  • Color sequencing can be synced for internal and external personnel, even if pins and pin logos are from different organizations 


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Close protection & event security

As a security services company you protect executives and VIPs, and take care of securing large-scale events. Your non uniformed agents use traditional color of the day lapel pins to instantly recognize their trusted peers. Discover the many benefits of the Ticto Pin, the digital version of what you are using today. Impossible to falsify, identity authorized colleagues also when it dark and from a farther distance, remotely see which agents have an active pin, etc.

First responders kopie.jpg

First responders

When being called to provide first responder services following a disaster, you want to be sure you arrive at a site where your security can be ensured. Being able to quickly validate the authentication and authorization level of law enforcement and emergency personnel around you in a subtle but secure way becomes an absolute necessity.

Movie set kopie.jpg

Movie sets

Controlling who is allowed to be on a movie set can be extremely challenging. To protect the core team of directors and actors, but also to prevent content or pictures leaking to the media, you need to ensure only approved and authorized people are present on the film set. With Ticto wearables your security staff will instantly notice unauthorized people and can take corrective action.

The Ticto Pin is more secure, more flexible in use, and solves the visibility issues of the metal pins we have been using in the past. I firmly believe this will become the new standard across security firms in both the private and public sector.
— John Spesak, CEO Security Industry Specialist, Inc.

Ticto pin setup demo video


use cases

Schermafdruk 2018-06-15 15.58.07.png

Hollywood Awards Ceremony



The security services firm protecting Hollywood’s largest awards ceremony was looking for a solution to better be able to instantly and visible recognize authorized security agents. For this event the firm uses a mix of their own staff, Off-Duty-Officers and security agents provided by subcontractors...

High-Tech Conference


A high-tech company organizing its annual conference in San Francisco, was looking for a simple but effective solution to control access to the backstage area. The backstage area was used by the company’s executives and VIP guest speakers to prepare for their keynotes speeches...


Product features


Managing projects and users

Managing Ticto Pins is easy. Operations Managers and Project Managers can access the Ticto Management Application from any computer or tablet. Operations Managers maintain the overall security agent database, create projects and assign project managers to a project. Project Managers can assign agents to their project and set project properties such as zones and colour change interval times.

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Activating and deactivating pins

At an event or during a mission, Project Managers can activate and deactivate the pins of individual security agents using the Ticto Secure App on an iOS-based smartphone. At any time the Project Manager can see which agents are active where. In larger deployments, you could also use the 'Auto' functionality in the Ticto Secure App to automatically activate large amounts of Ticto Pins quickly in an anonymous mode. 

End to end secure

Ticto Pins have been designed with security in mind. We do not rely on the security of the phone, which we consider an untrusted device. Thanks to the use of cryptographic keys, the sequence of colors on the pins is always in sync yet completely unpredictable. All communications between the Ticto Pin and the Ticto backend infrastructure is encrypted and authenticated in both directions at all times.




Ticto Charging Station

Ticto Pins have a battery life of 30 to 40 hours. The easiest way to recharge your pins is plugging them into a Ticto Charging Station. You can charge up to 20 Ticto Pins in parallel. 

Customizable Front Shield

Create your own pins by customising the Ticto Pin front shield. Include your company brand mark or word mark.

Ticto Flight Case

Take Ticto Pins safely to events or remote missions with the Ticto Flight Case. Flight cases are available for both Ticto Pins (per 50) and Ticto Charging Stations.


Tech specs



Height: 3.42 inches (87 mm)

Width: 1.15 inches (29 mm)

Depth: 0.22 inch (5.60 mm)

Weight: 0.055 pounds (25 g)

Ticto pin front combi + side outline small + text.001.png



Built-in 1180 milliwatt-hour lithium-polymer battery

Up to 40 hours continuous use

Charging via USB micro-B power adapter or charging station



Use of Private / Public keys for mutual authentication and encryption

Use of Symmetric AES keys for Tictogram (unpredictable visual sequence)



Bluetooth 4.2 technology



Ticto Pin   hard plastic

Customizable front shield   anodized aluminum with laser cut logo


Ticto Pin demokit

Interested to see our technology at work? Order your demokit today and learn how the Ticto Pin brings the traditional lapel pin into the digital age.

What's in the box?

  • 3 Ticto Pins with front shields
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • Credentials to log in onto the Ticto Dashboard and access your dedicated demo environment.

Price: USD 490 (excl. shipping and taxes) or EUR 490 (excl. shipping and taxes)

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