Ticto App

The Ticto App home screen allows you to control your wearable and see its status at a glance! With one tap you can access all of your information, send alerts, see people around you and receive notifications of what is going on around you. Ticto provides a solution that truly engages people in protecting your company’s assets.


SHOW YOUR identity

In most companies, access badges also double as identification badges. This is not a good security practice. In addition to that, wearing your badge visibly often provides a false sense of security, because in practice, people will rarely actually read the info on the badge or inspect its genuineness.

The Ticto App allows you to demonstrate your identity info clearly to others, and lets security guards read out a personalized QR code that holds your information for extra security.

Or you can read other people’s info discretely from a distance using Bluetooth Low Energy. See the people around you and remember their names in a discrete way.


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Enforce host - visitor escort protocol

People are often called ‘the weakest link’ in security. That is true: security protocol can be watertight, but if it is not followed, then security breaks down. Ticto provides a solution that enforces your badging policy and as such makes tailgating a thing of the past.

Ticto also offers the world’s first solution to truly enforce a host - visitor escort policy. The Ticto App shows you your visitors and allows you to tether them to your phone. In case one of them gets out of your proximity, a security notification will pop-up and your visitors' badgeholder will start blinking red, making it visible to others that this person has no authorization to be there without his or her host. With a simple push of a button the visitor is re-tethered to the host and the visit can be continued.


dynamic two factor authentication

Add a 2FA layer on top of your access control, at any door and without adding extra cost! You can determine the business logic of when an additional fingerprint or face ID authentication is needed to start the visual authorization or to unlock doors: after business hours, every 100th entry, when a person hasn’t been in an area for a long time, etc. Leverage your employees mobiles to create a more dynamic and more secure access control solution.

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Alert button

Simple tap the alert button that is very prominent on the home screen to send an alarm message, ask for help, flag suspicious behavior, or let security know that you lost your badge. Communicate with security in a direct and discreet manner. Our message panel reinstates the relationship employees should have with the security office. Because they are here to help and to keep your company safe!




Never miss an important security update, event or alert. The security office can manually send notifications or warnings directly to all or a select group of employees. And users will also receive smart automatic notifications to keep them aware of and engaged in security. Yet another way to effectively engage people in securing your company.