RightCrowd Badgeholder for Open Offices


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A financial services organization is leasing an office space in a building where they don’t control the access control system. They were looking for a solution where they have control over the people that enter the offices but without investing in a hard outer perimeter (locks, door controllers and readers). The solution had to be flexible, easy to use and self-manageable. 

Since the start of the lease, the company has had a number of cases where people entered the floors without authorization to be there, resulting in a potential security threat. 

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The financial services organization decided to use RightCrowd Badgeholders for all employees allowed to work in the leased office space.

They chose for the ‘automatic’ deployment model, whereby the Badgeholder is activated by a gateway when entering the secured space (based on proximity). From then on, the Badgeholder of an authorized user displays a random color in sync with all other Badgeholders authorized for that space. The color changes on all Badgeholders at the exact same time at set intervals. Thanks to the use of cryptography, the next color is truly unpredictable, which makes the solution highly secure. The solution allows anyone to instantly ‘see’ in an intuitive way whether  people around them are authorized to be in that space. 


solution in numbers

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Number of Badgeholders deployed


All people allowed to work  in the secure area received a RightCrowd Badgeholder. Both activation and deactivation happens automatically based on proximity. The badge holders of authorised users activate once inside, and deactivate as they leave the floor.

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Number of secured zones


The RightCrowd Badgeholders are used to ensure that only authorised persons can enter the leased floor of this financial services organization.

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Cost per Badgeholder


In combination with the outer perimeter protection at the entrance of the building, the digital badgeholder delivers a  cost effective solution to ensure only authorised persons enter the floor. Investments in door controllers, locks and readers can be avoided.

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Time to deploy

1 day

Deploying RightCrowd Presence Control is extremely simple. One RightCrowd Gateway connected through PoE at the entrance of the zone you want to protect ; and linking the RightCrowd Core software up to your PACS. In this case the solution would be up and running in 1 day. 



  • Unauthorized persons are instantly visible 

  • Intuitive and flexible way to secure your spaces

  • Control authorized presence for teams within open space offices, for access to a leased facility where you don’t control the PACS or for temporary space

  • Can be deployed within days; and quickly moved to other locations as your business moves

  • Allows combining hard outer perimeter with soft inner security zones

  • Eliminates the ‘tailgating’ problem

  • No duplication of data. All users and access rights remain in your existing PACS software, even if there is not PACS infrastructure in the facility you are protecting with Ticto


Ticto Badgeholder is automatically activated when entering the floor and deactivated when leaving


solution comparison

Traditional access control

  • Investment in PACS infrastructure such as door controllers and door readers in a building not owned by client and a short-term lease. 

  • Does not address known issues like tailgating, expired or falsified badges. People see a badge and assume it is valid.

  • Impossible to know who was present when. Person may badge but not enter. Other person walks in with you but doesn’t badge.

  • Changes in the organization come with costly infrastructure changes.

Ticto Badgeholder

  • Solution can be deployed quickly with limited infrastructure investment. One RightCrowd Gateway at each entrance of a zone you want to protect. 

  • RightCrowd makes tailgating, expired or falsified badges instantly visible to everyone.

  • RightCrowd allows for dynamic presence control instead of point-in-time access control. Example: badge holder of visitor automatically expires at visit end time.

  • Zones can be stood up, changed or removed on the fly as your organization changes or moves to other facilities.