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My Ticto app

My Ticto app home screen allows you to control your wearable and status at a glance! With one tap you can access all of your information, send alerts, see people around you and receive notifications of what is going on around you. This is the platform to truly engage people in your company’s security and make everybody part of a powerful security solution.


Proof identity & role

With the My Ticto app you can instantly proof your identity & role to others. And by simply scanning the unique QR code a list of identity information will be available.


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See people around you
and tether visitors

Nearby people with an active badgeholder can be seen and identified immediately. Your visitors can easily be tethered to your phone enforcing policy and in case one of them is out of range, a security notification will pop-up and your visitors' badgeholder will be deactivated making it visible to others that this person has no authorization to be there or shouldn't be there without his or her host. With a simple push of a button the visitor is re-tethered to the host and the tour can be continued.


Report incidents and alerts

You noticed an intruder in a secure zone or your Ticto wearable has been stolen? A single swipe takes you to the alert panel where you can report an incident to the security department to take action. 



With only a push of a button all the My Ticto app users get notified with important security messages. Never miss an important security update, event or alert. 


Dynamic two factor authentication

Now you can add a powerful extra layer of security with the dynamic 2FA in the My Ticto app, integrated with your access control. By unlocking doors with fingerprint or face ID authentication, you make sure that only the right people get into your secure areas. 

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