Activating a Ticto wearable

A Ticto wearable can be activated in one of two ways: through a mobile phone based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) or automatically through a Ticto Gateway. When using a mobile phone the user simply selects the sensitive area he/she wants to enter in the Ticto App. If the user is authorized to be present the Tictogram for that area is being activated. When using a Ticto Gateway, the gateway will detect the Ticto wearable and - if authorized - activate the Tictogram once the person enters the security sensitive area.

Unauthorized presence.png

Unauthorized Presence

Traditional access control doesn't allow you to know whether everyone present in a certain area is actually authorized.  Ticto's presence control solution does. When a user tries to enter an unauthorized zone, the Ticto wearable will warn against this by blinking red. If the user ignores the warning, and enters the area, his/her unauthorized presence will be visible to everyone else, and a notification could be sent to the security team.


Deactivating a Ticto wearable

The user can deactivate his/her Ticto wearable using the Ticto App on the mobile phone. The Tictogram may also expire automatically. If presence in a certain area is allowed until 11pm, then the Ticto wearable will stop showing the associated Tictogram at that time. When using Ticto Gateways Ticto wearables will deactivate automatically when leaving a protected area.