A high-tech company organizing its annual conference in San Francisco, was looking for a simple but effective solution to control access to the backstage area. The backstage area was used by the company’s executives and VIP guest speakers to prepare for their keynotes speeches.

In previous years they had encountered a couple of incidents of people entering the backstage area potentially putting the executives in danger.

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The high-tech company decided to use Ticto Pins for all people allowed to work in the backstage area. This included security agents, event organizers and supporting staff such as the subcontractor responsible for the audio visual installation and catering personnel. The company’s internal executive protection team identified and authenticated authorized personnel based on prescreened lists. If the person was on the list and could properly be authenticated using an ID, the internal executive protection team activated a Ticto Pin for that person using the Ticto App.


Project in numbers

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Number of pins deployed


All people allowed to work in the sensitive zone received a Ticto Pin. For this event the pins were activated anonymously, meaning the security agent gave the authorized personnel that entered the zone a pin that was activated for that specific zone but the user was not assigned to that specific pin.

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Number of event zones


The Ticto Pins where used in the backstage area of the conference to prevent previously occurring incidents with unauthorized people approaching executives, speakers, etc.

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Cost per pin

(based on use at 5 events / year)


The increased level of security making it possible to have an edition without backstage incidents made the cost for deploying the Ticto Pins perfectly justifiable for this edition and future events.

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Time of setup and testing

1 hour

Because of the small number of security agents and use of the pins in anonymous mode where all the pins are activated for that zone and can be used immediately , the time of setup and testing took less than an hour.

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At any point in time, the internal executive protection team could see - in the Ticto App - who was active in the backstage area. The CEO noticed the Ticto Pins and complimented the security team. The executive team felt safer and for the first time could instantly see themselves whether or not a person walking around in the area was actually authorized to be there. The company plans to use Ticto Pins in their backstage area at all their future events.


Product comparison

Good 'old' lapel pin

  • Can't see it from a distance, can't see it in the dark 
  • Easy to replicate 
  • Cannot be switched 'on' or 'off' 
  • A different pin for each zone you want separate authorization for 
  • Not possible to identify who whore which pin when or where 
  • Can be lost, stolen and used by unauthorized personnel 
  • Once handed out, not easy to get them back (souvenirs), hence a new pin design and production for every occasion 
  • Basic tool
  • Cannot easily mix and match pins with those of outside security personnel at events

'State of the art' Ticto Pin

  • Visible from a distance, even in dark environments
  • Impossible to copy or falsify
  • Can be activated and deactivated on the fly
  • One pin can cover multiple zones, each with its own visual sequence
  • Detailed logs of who was wearing an active pin when and where
  • Can be tethered to a mobile phone as additional safeguard
  • Digital pin can be used in unlimited ways, will always remain secure and unique
  • Innovative technology demonstrating to your clients (and theirs!) that you take security seriously
  • Color sequencing can be synced for internal or external personnel, even if pins and pin logos are from different organizations.
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