Highly secure

The color on the Ticto wearable changes in an unpredictable manner thanks to the use of a cryptographic algorithm. This algorithm is contained within the Secure Element of the Ticto wearable. The use of cryptography prevents anyone who does not have a valid Ticto wearable from displaying the same visual sequence.


My Ticto app

The intuitive My Ticto app can be used to activate and deactivate your Ticto wearable for different locations and zones you are authorized for. Several exciting new features will be added in the near future. The Ticto App is meant especially for events or use of Ticto wearables at remote sites. For office type environments Ticto offers a fixed gateway solution to activate and deactivate its wearables.


Central Management

The Ticto Dashboard allows managing Ticto wearables, Ticto users, managing locations and zones, managing authorization rules, managing configuration settings, and more. A documented API allows integrating with existing systems and repositories like Active Directory servers, Physical Access Control Systems (PACS), Visitor Management platforms and Identity and Access Management systems.


Powerful Authentication

Worried about active Ticto wearables being passed on to non-authorized people? You can virtually tie each Ticto wearable to the mobile phone of their user. In case the Ticto wearable would be passed on or stolen, the device would stop showing its Tictogram. Need an even more advanced form of authentication. Link your Ticto wearable to a biometrics device, making it impossible to falsify authentication.


Non Intrusive Social Control

Ticto uses simple visual indicators that are self evident, allowing any group of individuals to regulate itself. Ticto uses social control in a non-intrusive manner. It creates instant security awareness, and in a positive way empowers everyone to help protect your organization’s most sensitive assets. And of course there still is the option to trigger automated alerts towards the security team if someone ignores the visual warning.


Future Proof

Ticto has very ambitious plans. New wearable form factors are in the works. Exciting new App capabilities are on our roadmap. And think of bringing together people and things … you want to visualize authorized use of objects such as vehicles or machinery? We’re ready to work with you.