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Organizations use several physical security controls to protect their outer perimeter (reception, CCTV, badges, turnstiles, etc). But once inside, access badges very often are the only control left. Tailgating, badges being passed on, anonymous badges for contractors and visitors, and even falsified badges pose serious security, compliance or even safety risks. Especially in security sensitive areas you need to be sure that only authorized people are present.

Digital badgeholder by Ticto

The Ticto Badgeholder introduces a simple yet highly effective new approach called visual authorization. Our technology allows validating authorization in an easy and intuitive way. It leverages your existing access badges but adds an additional layer of security enabling both human and automated validation of authorized presence.



product comparison


Access badge

  • Tailgating. An intruder follows an authorized person into a different zone without badging in.
  • Expired badges. People see a badge and assume it is valid.
  • Falsified badges. Legacy technologies such as proximity cards are easily copied within seconds.
  • Impossible to know who was present when. Person may badge but not enter. Other person walks in with you but doesn’t badge.

Ticto badgeholder + access badge

  • Eliminates tailgating


  • Expired access is automatically visible to others

  • Makes fake badges impossible


  • Presence control. Ticto Gateways record actual presence by monitoring who near which Gateway last

Ticto’s innovative use of cryptography to make security visible is truly unique, and is a dramatic improvement over previous authentication and identification technologies.
— Paul Kocher, Chief scientist, cryptography research division, rambus

Features and benefits


Seamless deployment and use

  • Easy integration with your existing open PACS typically requires just a few days.

  • People that require presence in defined sensitive areas slip their existing access badge into a Ticto Badgeholder. The Ticto Badgeholder supports open standards such as Mifare, Mifare Plus and Mifare DESfire EV1 and EV2.

  • Ticto’s solution will instantly be picked up by end users. By simply looking around they can see who belongs and who doesn’t.

Bart_Maarten_Shirley (web versie2 LED groen).jpeg

Visual display of authorized presence

  • A person authorized to be present in a sensitive area badges at the entrance using existing access control infrastructure.

  • The existing PACS triggers a ‘grant’ event towards Ticto.

  • A Ticto Gateway installed nearby the area entrance enables the right crypto key to be sent to the secure chip in the Ticto Badgeholder. This starts the correct visual sequence.

  • When leaving the sensitive area, the Ticto Gateway detects the person’s exit and stops the visual sequence.


Open, highly secure architecture

  • Cryptographic keys control the unpredictable sequence of colors within an area; colors are always in sync on all Ticto Badgeholders

  • Communications between the Ticto Badgeholder and the Ticto backend infrastructure are encrypted and authenticated in both directions at all times

  • Ticto’s backend software can run as a cloud instance or reside in your data center as an on-premises deployment

New gateway.png

Tech specs



Height: 3.42 inches (69 mm)

Width: 1.15 inches (100 mm)

Depth: 0.22 inches (8mm)

Weight: 0.055 pounds (41 g)

Schermafdruk 2017-10-09 10.40.31.png



Built-in 2035 milliwatt-hour (3.7V) lithium-polymer battery 

Up to 100 hours continuous use / 250 hours stand-by

Charging via USB micro-B power adapter or charging station



Use of Private / Public keys for mutual authentication and encryption

Use of Symmetric AES keys for Tictogram (unpredictable visual sequence)



Bluetooth 4.2 technology



ISO/IEC 7810 - ID-1 identification cards



UV resistant hard plastic (PC/ASA)


Ticto Badgeholder demokit

Interested to see our technology at work? Order your demokit today and learn how the Ticto Badgeholders make authorization visible. 

What's in the box?

  • 2 Ticto Badgeholders
  • 2 MIFARE DESFire cards
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • Credentials to log in onto the Ticto Dashboard and access your dedicated demo environment

Price per demokit: USD 490 (excl. shipping and taxes) or EUR 490 (excl. shipping and taxes)


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