The security services firm protecting Hollywood’s largest awards ceremony was looking for a solution to better be able to instantly and visible recognize authorized security agents. For this event the firm uses a mix of their own staff, Off-Duty-Officers and security agents provided by subcontractors. Given the mix of people, and given the large audience attending the ceremony, the existing solution based on small custom-made metal lapel pins was insufficient.

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The security services firm decided to use Ticto Pins for the security agents protecting the most sensitive zones being the Red Carpet and the Theatre. The coordination team put together a list of all security agents that potentially would be working in those two zones. This list was uploaded into the Ticto Dashboard. Security team leaders received an invite to download the Ticto App on their smartphone along with the credentials to log into it.

On show day each security agent - as part of the registration process at the start of their shift - received a Ticto Pin and were asked to put it on their jacket or shirt. As part of the security briefing, each team leader briefly explained the use of the Ticto Pin as a simple and secure way of recognizing authorized security agents within their zone. After that the team leader activated each of the pins of his or her team using the Ticto App. Simply selecting the agent, clicking the activation button and tapping against the pin of the agent. At the end of each shift security agents simply returned the pins and plugged them
into the charging station.


Project in numbers

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Number of pins deployed


At this large event, every zone authorized security agent had a Ticto Pin clipped on, and each activated Pin was linked to a specific security agent. 

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Number of event zones


The Ticto Pins where active in the two most sensitive zones, being the Red Carpet and the Theatre. Pin settings could be specified for each zone, e.g brightness of the LED light could be dimmed when active in the Theatre. Also the Tictogram interval could be set for each zone.

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Cost per pin

(based on use at 20 events / year)


The client found the relative cost/pin low compared to the level of security that was added to the event and compared to the current costs associated with deploying security agents (e.g walks talky, suits, etc.). The pins were bought with a three year software subscription.

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Time of setup and testing

2 hours

Prior to the event the list of all security agents was added to the Ticto dashboard. Before the event, the pins were tested in one of the two zones. At the start of the event, the security team leader activated the pin of each security agent with the Ticto app as part of the registration process of their shift.



For the first time ever the SVP Special Operations of this security firm, as well of all team leads, were able to instantly see their team members amidst the large audience. It allowed them to more efficiently manage the positioning of their teams as the event progressed, and in case of any suspicious action instantly see whether one of their agents was closeby or involved. The firm plans to expand the usage of the Ticto Pins to also other zones at next year’s ceremony.

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Product comparison

Good 'old' lapel pin

  • Can't see it from a distance, can't see it in the dark 
  • Easy to replicate 
  • Cannot be switched 'on' or 'off' 
  • A different pin for each zone you want separate authorization for 
  • Not possible to identify who whore which pin when or where 
  • Can be lost, stolen and used by unauthorized personnel 
  • Once handed out, not easy to get them back (souvenirs), hence a new pin design and production for every occasion 
  • Basic tool
  • Cannot easily mix and match pins with those of outside security personnel at events

'State of the art' Ticto Pin

  • Visible from a distance, even in dark environments
  • Impossible to copy or falsify
  • Can be activated and deactivated on the fly
  • One pin can cover multiple zones, each with its own visual sequence
  • Detailed logs of who was wearing an active pin when and where
  • Can be tethered to a mobile phone as additional safeguard
  • Digital pin can be used in unlimited ways, will always remain secure and unique
  • Innovative technology demonstrating to your clients (and theirs!) that you take security seriously
  • Color sequencing can be synced for internal or external personnel, even if pins and pin logos are from different organizations.
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