Office environment

Office environments become open space areas where employees can freely move around to collaborate and exchange ideas. Yet you want to be able to restrict presence in some areas to a subset of your people, or make presence rights conditional based on time of the day, being accompanied by a specific person, etc. RightCrowd wearables allow shifting from traditional access control - based on opening doors - to flexible presence control.


Close protection & event security

As a security services company you protect executives and VIPs, and take care of securing large-scale events. Your non uniformed agents use traditional color of the day lapel pins to instantly recognize their trusted peers. Discover the many benefits of the RightCrowd Pin, the digital version of what you are using today. Impossible to falsify, identity authorized colleagues also when it dark and from a farther distance, remotely see which agents have an active pin, etc.

Visitor mgmt.jpg

Visitor management

Your organization welcomes visitors on a daily basis. Grab that first chance to make a strong first impression. Handing them a RightCrowd wearable instead of a simple paper or plastic badge will make a clear statement that your organization takes security seriously. Your hosts can activate the wearables of their visitors and optionally can enable a feature that continuously tracks whether the visitors remain close to their hosts.


Research & Development

Research & Development labs form the heart of many organizations. Protecting Intellectual Property (IP) is crucial. While traditional access control provides a base level of security, presence control based on visualizing authorization empowers R&D team members to help protect the organization’s core IP assets in a much more effective way. It eliminates common risks like tailgating or access badges being passed on.


Sensitive manufacturing areas

Many manufacturing processes – regardless whether they are discrete or repetitive – involve large production sites. A myriad of both internal personnel and external parties require access to specific zones within the plant site. How do you ensure granular presence control for sensitive areas without building additional perimeters?


Movie sets

Controlling who is allowed to be on a movie set can be extremely challenging. To protect the core team of directors and actors, but also to prevent content or pictures leaking to the media, you need to ensure only approved and authorized people are present on the film set. With RightCrowd wearables your security staff will instantly notice unauthorized people and can take corrective action.


First responders

When being called to provide first responder services following a disaster, you want to be sure you arrive at a site where your security can be ensured. Being able to quickly validate the authentication and authorization level of law enforcement and emergency personnel around you in a subtle but secure way becomes an absolute necessity.